2013 Harris FloteBote Crowne 250

A luxury pontoon boat is not simply a comfortable means of transportation. It's an extension of your lifestyle, so it must exceed your most discerning expectations for design, innovation and onboard amenities. In other words, not only must your luxury craft allow you to relax and entertain the way you naturally would in your own home, it must make a grand statement about who you are. With the Crowne Series, Harris FloteBote is redefining luxury by ensuring that you make an unforgettable splash. These sophisticated, aerodynamic flagships of the Harris FloteBote fleet provide world-class technology, exquisite detailing, opulent vinyls and custom flooring such as teak and woven seagrass, as well as agile, sportscar-like performance and handling. The Crowne Series will not tell the world you're going somewhere. It will let the world know that you've arrived.

2013 Harris Flotebote Crowne 250