Luxury Performance pontoons are not all created equal. Check out the Crest Savannah Today

The Savannah is our ultimate expression of innovation. Designed with the best in performance, style, and precision, the Savannah challenges the idea of what a pontoon should be. Artfully advanced, Savannah is the embodiment of a true, premium watercraft – down to the very last detail. If you’re drawn to the Savannah’s modern design, look closer and you’ll be even more impressed. From careful, precise stitching to elegant instrumentation, no detail has been overlooked. Move forward with a new perspective in the Crest Savannah

The Crest Savannah is a performance sport pontoon that leaves nothing out.  With CP3 Triple toon standard, the Savannah ca be powered from 150hp to 400hp with a single outboard.  The Savannah also comes in two seating options, teh New L seating, and the SLR2 seating for the family that likes to lounge out on the water. 

2017 Crest Savannah